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Volunteer with HYC

HYC aims to work with individuals, organizations, and companies passionate about giving back and getting involved with the community! We have several opportunities to get involved; please see our listing of events below. If you would like to join any of these events, please submit a "contact us" request and include details of what you're interested in assisting with.


Veteran Relations - HYC and LCP are dedicated to partnering with local Veteran groups that serve our community. The El Camino Real Chapter of the American GI Forum hosts many events, community initiatives, and meetings at LCP. They always look for volunteers to assist them with events, social media campaigns, website updates, outreach, and recruitment!                         


Facilitating Community Classes, Service Projects, or Community Workshops - Thanks to HYC, LCP can provide many community classes and recourses for people of all ages to partake in. Given your trade, your business may be able to assist by donating time and talents towards facilitating a new class, workshop, and resource of your own! Some examples would be Arts & crafts classes, youth dance classes, book clubs, fitness classes, women empowerment, networking events, community workshops on various topics, hygiene care packages for the homeless, etc.                      


Special Events - HYC is proud to facilitate many events throughout the year at Liberty Plaza. One-time volunteers who can assist at such events are crucial to the betterment of our organization! Some seasonal events and giving campaigns that we need volunteers for include but are not limited to: Memorial Day Celebration, HYC Staff Recognition Events, Back to School Community Giveaway, Veterans Day Celebration, Thanksgiving Food Box Giveaway, Holiday Giveaways for at-risk youth, Family Services Holiday Party, Community Fairs, etc.


Marketing & Outreach - What is the easiest way to assist our nonprofit? Share us with your network! We always need help spreading our mission and vision to community members. Contact HYC to have a representative visit your place of work and present the variety of programs and services we offer to help individuals and families within our community. Ask your employees, followers, family, and friends to follow us on social media, conduct a team outing by posting brochures and flyers about our organization, or host a company campaign for employees, family, and friends to raise awareness!           


Fundraising Events & Development - Our Development Department is the heart of our organization! Funds and in-kind donations that we can collect support our impact on the community! We must always partner with organizations that can offer extra help participating in our fundraising events and campaigns throughout the year. Whether developing a matching program for employees, collecting in-kind donations, or hosting your fundraising campaign in partnership with us, there are opportunities for all types of businesses and organizations to become involved.

Internships - Both clinical and non-clinical internship opportunities are available. Non-clinical internships assist the agency in various departments with community outreach, marketing, fundraising, and administrative duties. Clinical interns assist with providing individual—group, and family counseling programs within our Family Services Department. For Clinical internships, please visit our Careers page for more information. 

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