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Substance Use Services


Substance Use Services

*Please note that if you are having suicidal thoughts or experiencing an emergency you should call 911. This form is solely for program information and will be viewed during normal business hours.

“My accomplishments through the Empowerment Program have included getting help to become a stronger person and help others in my community. I was able to graduate a year early because I learned that staying out of trouble and becoming a better person who is kind and responsible will prepare me for my future and help me stay on track in life. Because of the support from HYC Staff and the many guest speakers I have been introduced to, I have stayed off of probation, out of jail, and off drugs, which has changed my life. Love and kindness have been shared through the Empowerment Program, and I feel like the program and people have changed me for the better.”

                                                                                                                                                                                          ~ Quote from 18-year-old female client

The HYC Substance Abuse Education and Treatment Program provides direct outpatient substance abuse counseling to youth ages 12-17 and adults, many of whom have co-occurring mental health disorders, and their family members. HYC is also contracted to provide Drug Medi-Cal outpatient drug-free substance treatment services. Through these services, HYC assists youth in their local communities and school districts to address their substance use issues, access care, and attain sobriety. HYC provides direct individual, group and family counseling, crisis intervention, urinalysis testing, and case management services for clients and their family members impacted by substance use and abuse. For participants in need of residential treatment services, HYC maintains an extensive network of partner organizations to which we refer as needed.

Programs Include:

  • Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Program

  • Drug Medi-Cal Outpatient Treatment Program

  • Adolescent Prevention Services

  • Parenting Classes

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