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 Homeless and Housing Support Services

Josephine*, 57, had been living with her two adult sons when the family could no longer afford the rent, and they all went their separate ways, trying to stay with friends, living in their cars and on the streets. Un-housed and losing hope, Josephine fell into substance use. Before long, HYC was able to assist Josephine with a housing choice voucher, which helped her reunite with her sons and get back into an apartment. As things began to look up, Josephine embarked on a path to sobriety and received Intensive Case Management Services through HYC. We assisted with furnishing the unit, two twin beds, a full-size bed, three dressers, a dining set, a sofa, and a love seat. Josephine and her sons are doing well. Her two sons are working, and she is happy and continues to work on her sobriety.  *Name changed

 Homeless and Housing Support Services

HYC’s Homeless and Housing Support Services deliver street outreach and coordinated housing and service interventions including intensive case management, housing navigation, and rental subsidies for homeless individuals and families living in Southeast Los Angeles County and the City of Los Angeles with the goal of achieving permanent housing stability.

*Please note that if you are having suicidal thoughts or experiencing an emergency you should call 911. This form is solely for program information and will be viewed during normal business hours.

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