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Behavioral Health Services

Mental Health Services

"I first came to HYC for one of my children who needed counseling. HYC replied quickly, and my daughter began receiving weekly counseling services. My family and I have wonderful counselors that have had such a positive impact on our lives. HYC has helped my family tremendously, with weekly counseling services for myself and my daughter, holiday parties, and free robotics classes. All of the services have greatly benefited my family!"

                                                                                                                                                                  ~Mother of Four Children Receiving Mental Health Counseling

Behavioral Health Services

HYC provides evidence-based, trauma-informed individual, family and group mental health services and outpatient substance use disorder treatment services in our offices, on school campuses, in community locations and in client homes. We deliver compassionate care to children, youth and adults with mental health, dual diagnoses and trauma histories, utilizing a variety of evidence-based and promising practices to support youth and caregivers to build their support systems, coping skills, and resilience to achieve greater individual and family health and wellbeing.

*Please note that if you are having suicidal thoughts or experiencing an emergency you should call 911. This form is solely for program information and will be viewed during normal business hours.

Psychologist's Office
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