Family Services

The HYC Family Services programs deliver intake, assessment, counseling, education,
individualized case management, and linkage to comprehensive community resources with the
goals of improving family functioning, strengthening the family system, reducing child abuse and
neglect and increasing child safety, and building protective factors within families. HYC recently launched the Promotora Program as a component of in-home Family Preservation services, with plans to expand this program to augment additional HYC Family Services programs. Promotoras provide culturally based mental health support to caregivers to reduce mental health stigma, improve family coping skills, and link families with accessible services.

Programs Include:

  • Visions and Learning Center

  • Southeast Family Preservation Program 

  • Promotora Program

  • Child Abuse Reduction Effort

  • CalOES

  • Domestic Violence Program

  • Prevention & Aftercare Services